Golden Visa Program

Golden Visa Program

The new Hungarian Golden Visa Program (also known as the Guest Investor Visa) is expected to go live in 2024. For now, there is a detailed proposal, currently debated by the Hungarian Parliament. 

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Guest investor residency

Investment options

EUR 250,000

Purchase of bonds issued by a real estate fund registered by the Hungarian National Bank (MNB)

EUR 500,000

Buy residential real estate in Hungary and keep it for at least 5 years

EUR 1,000,000

Donate to a designated educational or cultural institution

Program benefits

Why choose the Hungarian program?

Visa-free travel

Hungarian residency grants you visa-free access to the members states of the Schengen zone and many more countries.

Residency for 10 years

The guest investor residency permit granted in the Hungarian investment residency program will be valid for 10 years.

10 years guaranteed

While the validity of other residence permits depends on your passport, guest investor residency will be granted for 10 years even if your passport expires sooner.

Extension possible

When the 10 years are up, you can renew your guest investor residency as long as you retain the original investment.

Family unification

Apply together with your spouse and underage children and take advantage of Hungarian residency together.

No minimum stay

For renewal, you are normally required to spend more than half of the time in Hungary, but not with the guest investor residency.

Program details

How to get started
Make a pledge

Consider which investment option suits you best, and make a pledge.

Apply for a visa

The guest investor visa allows multiple entries to Hungary within the next 2 years.

Make the investment

After you first enter Hungary, you have 3 months to realise the investment you pledged.

Apply for residency

You and your family members can apply for residency from Hungary, and keep using the investor visa until your residency is granted.

Enjoy the privileges

For the next 10 years, you can live in Hungary and travel freely in the Schengen zone.

Extend your residency

Prove your continued commitment to Hungary my maintaining your investment, and apply for another 10 years of residency.

The new Hungarian Golden Visa program (also known as the Guest Investor Program) is expected to go live in 2024. For now, there is a detailed proposal, currently debated by the Hungarian Parliament.

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